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All Are Welcome Here … Peace Be With You

In aeons past, extensions of the work of The Order of Melchizedek have been placed throughout the earth … temples that would resurrect the light body of old. One such extension would be the Magdalenae Ordinis Venetae Rosae. It was established to aid in this advancement of mankind through the opening and attenuation of the heart energies.

Melchizedek Speaks On The Magdalenae Ordinis Venetae Rosae

The blue rose, which grew strong upon the plains of Venus, is symbolic of the advanced knowledge of the heart energies. The Magdalenae Ordinis Venetae Rosae is one such subset of the Melchizedek teachings that aids in the awakening of mankind through the teachings of the heart. The Magdalenae Ordinis Venetae Rosae is an ancient passage of the feminine counterpart of the Christ structure and aligns with the teachings of the Christed structure. The Order, led by the Magdalene lineage, was a secretive society known only to the few who would receive these teachings of the heart and were worthy to carry the light of redemption … a Rose organization as such that claims its origins from the planet Venus, the land of the blue ray light and heart opening ways. This virtual space is one such Portal of Light.